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As the fifth generation to be raised on the Barby Ranch east of Beaver, Abby has deep roots in Beaver County. Her father, a rancher, and mother, a teacher, instilled in Abby and her siblings the value of hard work, integrity, family, and faith. Abby has a background in production agriculture and is married to a man who has worked more than twenty years in the oil and gas industry. As such, she is uniquely equipped with an understanding of the issues facing the area’s major industries. Abby shares the core values of the people of the county, and has chosen to make her home here among like-minded citizens, neighbors and friends. 


Abby has a heart for the people of Beaver County. Both she and her husband are active members of the community, serving in their church, youth sports, the Chamber of Commerce, 4-H organization, and her husband as a volunteer firefighter. She prides herself on being one of the many good-hearted, hard-working people that make up the heartbeat of this county. 


Abby and her husband, Charley, both graduates of Beaver High School, are proud of having returned home to raise their two daughters, Maddie and Josie. Abby loves being an aunt, Mamie, to eleven nieces and nephews, who she adores, and she cherishes close connection to her three siblings: Barby, Will and Wade Payne. 

Abby’s parents are Guy and Jan Payne. Her grandparents are the late Lloyd and Ruth Barby, and Bob and Joan Payne. She is the daughter in law of Leon and Debbie Cash, of Forgan. 



Abby is a known advocate of law and order. She believes in the sanctity of the Constitution and is committed to upholding our constitutional rights. As a conservative Christian, she is dedicated to applying the law while being driven by a strong moral compass. She believes that the law applies equally to all people and is committed to firm, fair enforcement.


Abby has always felt called to be a part of something larger than self. After graduating college at Oklahoma State University, she began a career in public service working for agricultural organizations ranging from the Oklahoma Pork Council, National Pork Board, Oklahoma Wheat Commission, Made in Oklahoma Coalition, and served as the state’s Oklahoma Agritourism Director. 

Following law school, Abby practiced law in Enid, Oklahoma, in a general practice firm before returning to public service as Assistant District Attorney in District 1.

In that role since 2011, she has prosecuted all levels of criminal cases including crimes against children, violent crimes, drug crimes, as well as juvenile deprived and delinquent cases, and has successfully tried multiple jury trials. 

Abby has taken great pride in standing with law enforcement and helping victims tell their stories to bring about justice in our community. As a prosecutor, she is proven, firm, and fair with a compassionate heart for victims.

In 2019 Abby was honored as the Association of Narcotics Enforcers Region I Prosecutor of the Year.

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